Friday, May 22, 2015

Natalie's Reflection

It has been a wonderful year for Megan and I! Right when Mr. Eckert and Mrs. Hellwig introduce the project to us, I knew that I wanted to help someone and since I never made a fundraiser I decided I want to do just that. I was having trouble with what charity I could help with but I wasn't really sure. Then Megan had the same idea as me so we decided to work together. We still weren't sure what charity we could help but we remember that there was a school near by Steger called Miriam Learning Center for kids who have learning disabilities. We emailed the director to give us some information about the school. We learned that about 50% of the families there received need-based tuition assistance. We could help keep the operating costs lower if we could donated school supplies. That was where everything started. We thought that it would be more challenging to donate actual school supplies from students instead of getting money and buying them ourselves. From there we didn't exactly know what to do next until the showcase. We presented our idea to lots of people and received lots of feedback like we should involve the whole school district. We thought that we was a great idea so we emailed the schools and got Edgar and Avery but there were some inconvenience along the way which end up only Hixson doing the fundraiser. After we worked out all of  details, our fundraiser got around 40 school supplies which was great considering that we only had two weeks. We didn't raised our goal but that was not a problem because this project was very unique and had lots of freedom. We might not have a project like this next year or high school so it was a great opportunity to do this. Thank you, Mrs. Hellwig and Mr. Eckert for introducing this project!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Megan's Reflection!

This year has been great to Natalie and I. We have accomplished so much this year with our fundraiser. In the beginning of the year I thought I was going to have to do this by myself. When Mrs. Hellwig and Mr. Eckert said we could have partners if they had the same idea as you. So Natalie both knew that we wanted to have a fundraiser to help someone. We thought about raising money for a homeless shelter in Africa. Then we decided to help someone locally. We both started researching and we remembered there was a school that was close to us last year at Steger and that was the Miriam School for Learning Disabilities. So then we decided to have a fundraiser for their school but we didn't know what to do after that. We decided to email one of the directors and we asked her if she would let us have a fundraiser for her school. She said yes and also told us that that school is under a very tight budget so we thought about simple things they needed but could cost a lot of money for them to get. We came up with the idea of having a fundraiser for school supplies. She really liked the idea so we decided to go with it. It was hard to pick a date because it was around Christmas break time and we decided to do it in April so they could use the supplies for the next school year. Now it was time for the Idea Showcase and we were very excited to show everyone our idea and how much better we perfected it. Sarah the director from Miriam came and that was the first time we met her so that was also exciting. She asked us a few more questions but we could tell she was also excited for the fundraiser. Now it was two weeks before the fundraiser and we were getting all the details worked out and the fundraiser turned out great. We raised over 40 school supplies, we didn't meet our goal but we didn't worry about that. I enjoyed this year and having a lot of freedom with this year long project.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ted talks!

This week Natalie and I are preparing for our Ted Talks. We both worked on the background for the talk. We also wrote out a bunch of note cards so we don't mess up on stage. We are not very nervous for the talk but we might be farther along in the week. We have been working on the talking points. We also counted the supplies though we did not meet our goal we still are very happy that we got almost 50 supplies.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thank you!

Thank you for those who donated school supplies for our fundraiser! We have raised over forty school supplies and we can't wait to send the supplies over to Miriam. We are currently preparing for our TED talk that is next week on Friday and we are feeling very confident to talk about our project in front of the school. Sadly this project is coming to a end but helping other people will not.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This week Natalie and I have started our fundraiser and at the beginning of the week it was moving very slowly. We have decided to make it be 2 weeks but we still have to check with the principle. Also at the last minute Edgar Road backed out personally I think they didn't trust us but I guess we'll never know the actually know the real reason why they backed out. We are hoping that it moves faster and we get a lot more supplies so we can meet our goal of 100 supplies which will be a lot harder now that there's only one school. Lastly my grandma made a big donation of supplies which helped us a lot to meet our goal.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Where has all the time gone?

This week was a VERY busy week for us. We had to finish working on our checkpoint in class and had to show evidence. We finally got five containers and made flyers for the ones that are going to Edgar Road. We had to do some things before our fundraiser starts but so little time! In the beginning of the week I was going to email Edgar road about some details but I totally forgot because of all the preparing we had to do before the fundraiser next week. But we emailed them yesterday and he said that he needed an email for the parents and a script for the announcements. I wish I had made myself an reminder so that way they can tell their students and parents ahead of time about what we are doing. We are trying to stay calm but hopefully the fundraiser goes smoothly for both Hixson and Edgar Road. By the way, if you have any unused school supplies, donate them to the bins by the elevator starting on Monday through Friday!

Monday, April 13, 2015

This week Natalie and I are working out all the details of the fundraiser. Right now we are down to one other school which is Edgar Road. We are still getting very excited. This Thursday we will be working on out flyers. Also this week and weekend we will be on the hunt for boxes to put all of our supplies in. This week in our opinion is the calm before the storm because we feel like were going to be very busy next week.